About Us

Soulful Cannabis is a Pennsylvania-based non-profit operated by volunteer professionals. We are helping the cannabis industry be the best version of itself through cannabis education, access, and corporate social responsibility. The flagship Soulful Caregivers Program increases access to medicine for patients around Pennsylvania and is serving as a model for other states. Soulful Cannabis is a trusted partner with the PA Department of Health, many local medical cannabis organizations, and cannabis industry leaders in Missouri and other states. In addition to advocacy, education, and caregiving for the community, Soulful Cannabis consults with cannabis industry organizations to support business planning, marketing, and technology needs. A healing plant deserves a healing industry.

Skip Shuda

Skip Shuda

Skip co-founded Soulful Cannabis in 2018 after recognizing that the emerging cannabis industry could use some help in being the “best version of itself”.  In 2019, Skip focused on the Soulful Caregiver’s Program, the “Language Matters” content work and leading Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives. 

Skip Shuda is a serial entrepreneur, medical marijuana operations executive, digital marketing specialist and startup business advisor. From January 2017 until April 2018 he was Chief Operating Officer of one of Pennsylvania’s first medical marijuana dispensaries. He helped the team achieve a ranking of #8 out of 255 statewide dispensary applicants, ensuring a successful application. Skip oversaw the first sale to take place in the southeastern part of PA and the move to an operational status of two dispensaries.

As a technology entrepreneur, his company, Destiny Software, built one of the world’s first online banking systems for Bank of America and grew to over $17 million in annual revenue. He received awards for the Greater Philadelphia Area’s best management team and best startup. Skip was previously a member of the ArcView Investor Group, board member of PhillyNORML, and remains an instructor of entrepreneurship at the Wharton SBDC.

He is a managing partner of Philly Marketing Labs, a four-time Philly 100 award recipient, and a Fortune 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies member. Skip founded GreenRushAdvisors.com in 2015 to provide educational services to accelerate legal reform and support aspiring cannabis entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry.

Jason Mitchell

Jason Mitchell

Jason is a co-founder of Soulful Cannabis. Jason has been working with patients in medical and adult use cannabis stores for over nine years (since 2009). He has worked in a variety of cannabis-related roles including General Manager, Store Manager, Sales Associate, and Educational Instructor. He has worked on numerous cannabis industry activities in both medical and adult-use markets including:

  • Sourcing genetics at grow operations
  • Working with patients on a one-on-one basis
  • Staff management point-of-sale setup (MJ Freeway, Flowhub, Metric and Leaf)

Jason is certified to work in Colorado through the Colorado Medical Enforcement Division (MED) and he has completed certification level training from Cannabis Training Institute, Americans for Safe Access Core Cannabis Training, Cannabis Training Institute’s Dispensary Technician Training, Hempstaff Training, and the Pennsylvania required two-hour course.

Jason is known for his friendly demeanor coupled with his deep knowledge of cannabis strains and cannabis effects on various medical conditions. He develops exceptional customer loyalty through personal interactions and attention to detail.

As a Green Rush Advisors instructor, Jason led discussions with students about the dynamics of working with patients in a dispensary, led mock interviews and co-developed course materials discussing resume development, cannabis industry overview, patient case studies, and attributes for a successful career in cannabis dispensary work.

In 2017 Jason Mitchell was part of a Pennsylvania-based team chosen by the State Department of Health out of hundreds of applicants to be awarded one of Pennsylvania’s dispensary permits in the Southeast region. Since receiving this award last year, he has grown strong relationships with patients, businesses, state/local government officials, law enforcement personnel, and the community. He participated in the design, construction and build-out phases for two dispensary locations. Jason is well-known, trusted, and respected in the cannabis industry since the beginning, both in Pennsylvania and Colorado. He maintains constant contact with industry innovators and is well-versed in all aspects of the plant, product formulations, and patient experience. Based on over a decade of personal contact an experience with thousands of patients, his knowledge of the medical cannabis industry runs both broad and deep.

Julia Kline

Julia Kline

Julia is a co-founder of Soulful Cannabis. Julia has over 20 years of experience working with patients in the health and wellness field. After she became a Registered Nurse in 2009, she began working in the emergency department where she witnessed the growing opioid epidemic. Reminded of the Hippocratic Oath she took, she knew she needed to be an ambassador of change. This solidified her interest in cannabis as medicine, supporting the alternative.

She has stood on the rotunda in Harrisburg fighting for change, lending a hand to patients on the journey of cannabis as medicine. Julia has her focus on researching integrative care options, with the use of medicinal cannabis, both for symptom control and active treatment of chronic disease. She is skilled at teaching and helping to translate the often confusing medical and scientific terminology in easy-to-understand ways. She can help patients develop care plans and bridge the communication gap between patients and their doctors, helping to maintain safe and effective medicinal use. While contributing her time, knowledge, and deep compassion to all cannabis causes, Julia has a vested interest in public health and community outreach, she thrives on serving the community and bringing hope to her patients.

Julia has always been her patients’ best advocate, demanding proper, thorough, and individualized care. Julia participates with and supports groups like:

  • American Cannabis Nurse’s Association
  • Society of Cannabis Clinicians
  • DACO
  • Women Grow

Julia is Hempstaff certified and intends to enroll in the alternative medicine program to become a nurse practitioner. She seeks to effect change from the ground up while actively maintaining continuous education on cannabis science. Julia is committed to being a pioneer in the future of medicine.

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