Soulful Cannabis is the online home of CBD and other hemp-derived products! We aim to educate and inform anyone who considers themselves “cannabis curious” about the wonders of the cannabis plant and its many medicinal uses.

Since 2018, CBD has been legal in the United States due to the 2018 U.S. Farm Bill. Since that time the cannabis industry has undergone substantial changes. Where American cannabis legalization has previously led to a patchwork of state laws and classification of “medical” marijuana markets and “recreational” marijuana markets scattered haphazardly throughout the nation, the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill has now added a third component – a completely legal nationwide market of hemp-derived THC products competing with medical and recreational marijuana directly. Meanwhile, the CBD market is also exploding, as scientists dive headlong into research about how cannabidiol – along with many other newly uncovered cannabinoids – can calm nerves, treat diseases, and benefit humanity.

In short, it’s a wild and wonderful time to be interested in cannabis!

Soulful Cannabis is helmed by Soulful Steve, a lifelong cannabis user and activist. Now that Steve’s getting a bit older he’s leaning into CBD to help take the edge off daily stresses. He’s also extremely interested in the burgeoning hemp-derived THC marketplace – deeply excited about this level of federal legalization and yet concerned that users should have products that are transparent and as natural as possible.

Join us as we explore the amazing cannabis plant. Welcome to Soulful Cannabis!