CBD vs CBDA: Which cannabinoid is right for me?

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Cannabidiol (CBD) and cannabidiol acid (CBDA) are cannabinoids found in cannabis. Both CBD and CBDA have been shown to have therapeutic effects, but they do different things. CBD is more popular than CBDA because it is easier to produce, and there is more evidence of its benefits. However, CBDA may be more effective than CBD in some cases. Learn more about the differences between CBD and CBDA here. What Is CBDA? CBDA is the chemical precursor to CBD. Cannabigerolic acid (CBGA), commonly known as the “mother of all cannabinoids,” precedes CBDA by a few milliseconds. At this point, plant enzymes specific to each cannabis strain transform CBGA into one of three different cannabinoid precursor compounds: tetrahydrocannabinolic acid (THCA), cannabichromenic acid (CBCA), and cannabidiolic acid (CBDA). After CBDA is produced, it undergoes thermal decarboxylation to become CBD, which is then converted into CBD by the action of heat on the molecule. If the plant material is left to sit at room temperature and allowed to degrade slowly, this decarboxylation method can occur rapidly when cannabis material is burned or vaped. Despite […]

Soulful Cannabis goes to CBD School

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The Soulful Cannabis team took a virtual trip to CBD School where we met with Vadim.   Vadim (founder of CBDSchool.com) lead us on a conversation about the origins of Soulful Cannabis, the state of the cannabis industry and the big challenges that we hope to address.   The conversation touches on how language forms our perspectives – and how we might reconsider language around cannabis.   The team also describes their first event (coming on Feb. 24, 2019). Listen to the Soulful Cannabis Podcast on Soundcloud Please take a listen to this podcast as Jason, Julie and Skip talk through this vision of where the cannabis industry could go as it works to “be the best version of itself”. The podcast was produced by CBD School.  You can find other podcasts from CBD School at: Soulful CeeI’m Soulful Cee.  I’m a writer, IT professional, and daily user of cannabis for relief of anxiety. Soulful Cannabis is where I share knowledge, product info, and occasional tall tales with those of you out there considered cannabis curious!  Now that I’m getting older, I’m leaning into […]