Curious Cannabis Tales: My 4/20 Honeymoon in Maui

Curious Cannabis Tales

Curious Cannabis Tales is a series of personal remembrances about my life’s experiences with cannabis. There have been highs (get it?), lows, and everything in between. Remember, they say that cannabis wrecks short term memory … but long-term memory may actually be enhanced…if only by a lifetime of tales like these! Cheers & enjoy. Ah, marriage. Sometimes you have to wonder how stoners do it. On the one hand, it’s all about peace and love in the community, so of course marriage is a natural component of that. On the other hand, though…sometimes stoners like to put that green ahead of everything, even love, family, marriage. Like any part of life, it can be tricky to find the right balance. I guess stoners just like balancing acts, and the trickier, the better…just smoke ’em if you got em and the rest will fall into place. If it doesn’t…you just get to smoke again anyways! So it was for me, the 15 years ago I met my wife. I had no […]

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