A Snapshot of PA Dispensary Discounts

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THC Discount: Try THC by mail with our favorite hemp-derived THC gummies from Budder. Take 20% off Budder Beach Buzz and Beach Chill gummies with code SOULFUL. Pennsylvania’s Marijuana Program is managed by the Pennsylvania Department of Health. The number of companies dispensing medical cannabis is growing rapidly with multiple locations across the state. Therefore, the number of Pennsylvania dispensary discounts is also growing! One thing for sure is that medical marijuana is quite expensive, and it cannot be used as a write-off on taxes under medical expenses.  While the pricing is different at each dispensary, to offset the high cost, some dispensaries offer daily discounts to certain parts of the population in the state (i.e., veterans and seniors are just two examples). Different dispensaries also participate in a variety of Loyalty Rewards Programs and offer special sales on select products. Below is a list of the dispensaries operating in PA, their multiple locations and their discount programs for patients.  While we tried to be comprehensive, we cannot guarantee that […]

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