Business Case for Corporate Social Responsibility in the Cannabis Industry

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At Soulful Cannabis, we talk a lot about Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).   Some business owners believe that investing in CSR is bad for the bottom line.   This is not the case.  One of the best examples of “doing well while doing good” is an investment in supporting our Soulful Caregivers Program. The Soulful Caregivers Program educates and supports registered caregivers in the PA Medical Marijuana industry.   Our caregivers go through an online training program, receive reimbursement for registration fees and can participate in a support community of other caregivers. A business benefits from participation in our Soulful Caregivers Program in three ways: Increased business revenue. Every caregiver represents the potential for $18,000 in dispensary revenue that would not otherwise be available. Just five, fully loaded caregivers can represent $90,000 in added income for dispensaries or $45,000 in added income for grower-processors. Brand Development. Being associated with sponsoring our Soulful Caregivers Program helps position your company as a compassionate member of the community.  In a 2018 brand study, PR Strategy firm Edelman found that 64% of consumers choose, switch, avoid or boycott […]

Standard Farms Joins Soulful Cannabis as 2020 Sponsor


SOULFUL CANNABIS ANNOUNCES STANDARD FARMS AS SPONSOR Media, PA (December, 2020): Soulful Cannabis is excited to announce Standard Farms as a sponsor of Soulful Cannabis. Standard Farms LLC (“Standard Farms”), an approved Pennsylvania Grower-Processor in the Medical Marijuana Program, has joined as a 2020 sponsor of Soulful Cannabis, allowing Soulful Cannabis to pursue its programs of cannabis education, patient access and corporate social responsibility (CSR).      Standard Farms and Soulful Cannabis are collaborating on “patient to industry” conversations, seeking to remove barriers and open dialogue between patient groups and the cultivators and manufacturers of the products they use. Standard Farms is looking forward to working with Soulful Cannabis and assisting them in educating both patients and advocates within the Pennsylvania market. Since our inception in 2014, one of our goals was and still is to remove all stigmas surrounding this plant and shed light on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana. “We are excited to work with Standard Farms as a sponsor and partner,” said co-Founder Skip Shuda.  “We expect to bring different patient advocacy groups together with the cultivators and extraction […]