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Beach Buzz gummies are delicious, well-priced, and contain 5mg of some of the best THC you will find in a CBD product. Highly recommended!

I have tried a lot of gummies. Lots of CBD gummies. Medical-only THC gummies. High potency recreational THC gummies.

But Budder’s Beach Buzz CBD + THC gummies might be my favorite gummies ever!

Like their Budder sister product, Beach Chill CBD + THC, these yummy gummies combine a perfect 25mg dose of CBD with a healthy hit of delta 9 THC. The “Beach Buzz” variety I’m reviewing here comes with a full 5mg serving of delta 9 THC per gummy, whereas the “Beach Chill” version chills out at 2.5mg THC per gummy. You can check out our Beach Chill review here.

First of all, let me not bury the obvious question and answer. Will Beach Buzz gummies get you ‘high’? Answer: Yes, yes they will. If you’re interested in or open to that effect, read on – because there is even more to know and love about these Beach Buzz gummies.

Budder Beach Buzz Gummies: What The Experience Feel Like

I tried these CBD gummies over the course of seven days, aiming for a regular morning routine but varying things a little “as needed” as well. These gummies were provided to me as a free sample for review purposes. Affiliate disclosure: If you make a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we may earn a commission.

Even with one gummy I could feel a mild, pleasant euphoric feeling taking hold – and I am a very experienced cannabis user, so I imagine for the vast majority of users, one of these gummies can induce a pretty strong psychoactive effect.

I even tried two at the same time – on Christmas Day! Indeed, that was a pretty MERRY day! There are 5mg of THC in each gummy, and when I use THC oil or tincture, I’m often aiming for just a 10mg-15mg THC dose for my very experienced self. So 5mg-10mg of THC – with dosage very conveniently measured into each easy-to-eat bite-sized Beach Buzz gummy – makes this a very heady treat for everyone.

Budder THC by Joy Organics

This gummy product by Budder has a big level of trust from me from the get-go. Why? By extension from its parent company Joy Organics, who is among the most trusted and transparent brands in the CBD industry. With verifiable lab reports linked on each and every can of Budder or Joy Organics gummies, we know we can trust this is a natural product.

Joy Organics has been at the leading edge of the CBD industry since the 2018 Farm Bill was passed. The company was founded to make transparency in production and ingredients the cornerstone of their offering. The result has been great products that we consumers can put great stock in to be natural, safe, and consistent. These yummy Beach Buzz gummies are no different – in fact, they may be the best product Joy Organics has released yet!

Budder Delta 9 THC Beach Buzz Gummies Among Christmas Toys

Beach Buzz THC Gummies in their Christmas habitat among retro toys.

Joy Organics / Budder Beach Buzz: Yummy Daily Gummies

The best way to take this gummy really is one at a time though – to get that pleasant THC euphoria with 25mg of overall wellness CBD each and every day. I recommend finding a daily schedule for taking these (or any gummy product), and making it part of your wellness/mindfulness routine.

Flavors are also excellent here, which made testing these much more fun. While I couldn’t really tell you the differences in the pineapple, blueberry lemonade, and orange flavored gummies mixed in my jar, I can tell you that these gummies do a better job than most of working with the cannabis tang that any CBD or THC gummy will have. A heaping spoonful of confectioner’s sugar coats the outside of each gummy, which gives the gummy a great texture and a nicely palatable taste.

Remember: We want our gummies to have that cannabis tang – because then our tastebuds are telling us this is a more natural product, not a product full of solvent and industrial chemicals! The taste balance is always delicate for producers to balance – and many fail – but Joy Organics has a long history of yummy flavors and THC doesn’t trip that up.
I didn’t at all get sick of sampling the flavor of these, like happens with some cannabis products. These are a daily ritual to look forward to in every sense!

Delta 9 THC Gummies? Delta 9 THC Gummies!

With all the types of gummies available, and with a CBD isolate gummy perhaps being a more standard choice for many of us, or a more typical dispensary-found THC gummy available in lots of U.S. states now – why are we offering such high praise for this Beach Buzz gummy? To find the answer, maybe we should look a little closer at this perhaps unfamiliar term “Delta 9 THC.”

If you want the full scoop on Delta 9 THC, check out our article here on “Delta 9 THC vs. Delta 8 THC“. If you want the short answer on what Delta 9 THC is – it’s the most naturally occurring cannabinoid chemical in cannabis. It’s the greatest part of the psychoactive effect in cannabis. The CBD industry (and Joy Organics in particular) has developed safe methods of extracting this natural compound, rather than synthetically creating it.

Budder Beach Buzz: Why We Love It

I find some other big reasons to really enjoy these Budder Beach Buzz Delta 9 THC gummies, versus other methods of dosing THC as well. First is the synergistic “entourage effect” of taking a 25mg dose of CBD alongside the THC. The CBD really lasts me all day in an “undercurrent” sort of way. It’s great to feel euphoric for a bit for my “beach buzz” but know that I’ve got that reserve of strength in my system thanks to the CBD.

As far as the euphoric effect of these exact gummies … my experience is that the “high” is a bit shorter than some other ways I’ve experienced THC, but it also came on a bit faster. The overall effect is nice, calm, and time-manageable – all big wins in my book. I’m wondering if the CBD is leveling me out more quickly, or keeping me more ‘grounded’ perhaps. Whatever the reason, I’ll only say great things about the experience, even as compared to the recreational edibles in legal state dispensaries. I’m thoroughly enjoying the quick pick-me-up, as well as the daily affirmation in my CBD wellness ritual. It’s really a great combination that makes me feel like I’m getting all the best aspects of cannabis in a perfect formulation. Frankly, smoking a joint or something just doesn’t stack up!

Another big reason I wanted to write about and recommend this product: if I were a person in a still-restricted state, possibly buying marijuana on the black market and risking my liberty for it, I’d seriously consider these gummies. These are legal everywhere in the US, and ship to 48 states: nice! The effect you want is there (plus a start on your CBD journey); the safety of what you’re consuming is certainly much higher in this natural, lab-verified product; and perhaps the nicest bit, these are delivered to your door in discrete packaging (versus shaking hands with a strange guy in the Walmart parking lot.) There’s a lot to like in these gummies – and in the overall trajectory of the market thanks to products like these, for folks like that. I can’t stress enough how much joy it would have given me to order these gummies for myself a decade ago, and they are definitely worth your try right now.

I think the current $39.95 price point of these is a pretty sweet spot as well. This is not the top of the marketplace at all, and for what you’re getting, it seems a good deal. You can even save 20% off on these when you input the Soulful Cannabis coupon code – SOULFUL – at

If I were someone that was perhaps a black market marijuana buyer in a still restricted state, I would see some definite advantages to trying this product. You can say goodbye to the black market, you can get something that is perfectly federally legal, and you can get it from a trusted source that delivers to your doorstep. All while still enjoying your daily cannabis ritual. What could be better than that?

Joy Organics / Budder CBD + THC Beach Buzz Gummies: Highly Recommended

Thanks to the long-standing reputation of Joy Organics as a leader in the CBD industry, sub-brand Budder is a trusted brand, with a focus on making the Delta 9 THC extraction process a healthy, safe one, as well as with amazing transparent reporting available via a link on the package. Flavor profile and texture make these quite yummy gummies, and the experience of taking them seems to just get better and better. I don’t think mother ever had a better “little helper” than the Budder Beach Buzz gummy. We recommend this Beach Buzz 5mg formulation entirely – head over to the Joy Organics website to try them for yourself. See if you don’t agree with us that they’re about the best gummy you’ve ever had.

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