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Joy Organics Beach Chill gummies are the ideal microdose. Get the THC effect in a manageable way, aided by CBD entourage effect!

When you read about cannabis gummies and other edibles, the recommendation is often to start with a dose of 5mg THC for beginners, or maybe 10mg THC if you’re an experienced user.

Joy Organics’ new Budder Beach Chill gummies, though, take that dose down – way down – to 2.5mg THC per gummy.

And I’ll tell you, I think it’s fantastic!

It’s called microdosing, folks! And Soulful Cannabis is here for it! Cannabis is so much more than who can take the biggest bong rip.

Get to Know Beach Chill THC Gummies

Joy Organics recently launched their Budder sub-brand – and the brand, so far, is comprised of two products: Beach Chill 2.5mg THC gummies and their ‘big brother’, Beach Buzz 5mg THC gummies. (Check out our Beach Buzz review here if you like.) Like Beach Buzz, these Beach Chill gummies have 25mg CBD (29mg “Hemp Extract” on the label, so you’re getting a few other miscellaneous cannabinoids and terpenes as well). Beach Chill and Beach Buzz gummies are totally similar, then, except for the amount of THC in each serving. Affiliate disclosure: If you make a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we may earn a commission.

There are 20 gummies, in a variety of colors and fruit flavors (I admit I can’t much tell the fruit flavors apart) in each jar. I really enjoy the taste of these little guys – you can taste the yummy cannabis terpenes, but that flavor hits just right; it isn’t overpowering. Your cannabis gummies SHOULD taste a bit like cannabis!

The real story, of course, is that 2.5mg number. Is that a good THC dose? Is it enough to encourage the “entourage effect” of multiple cannabinoids in your endocannabinoid system, with the 25mg of CBD in each gummy? Is it the right amount to encourage a sense of wellbeing in mind and body, in each and every day?

Morning Microdose Testing

I took one Joy Organics Budder Beach Chill Delta 9 THC gummy each morning for seven days. I really enjoyed having these with my morning coffee (hint – it helps kick any edible in gear to have it with coffee! Or just a little food and drink in general.).

Eating Joy Organics / Budder gummies is always a terrific experience. The taste is just how I like, the sugar-to-gummy ratio is pretty high, the chew is nicely dense and never sticky, and the smaller-side size make these severely snackable.

With coffee mug in hand, it only took about 20-30 minutes for the THC in these gummies to reach me.

That’s kind of a surprise statement for a few reasons. One, that’s pretty fast (your mileage may vary). But also because I’m an experienced cannabis user. I was a bit surprised to feel the 2.5mg dose of Delta 9 THC so quickly.

The 2.5mg dose was a nice dose! Maybe I’m just a gummy nerd, but I like a nice, discreet, easy-to-use gummy, and a discreet, small-level THC effect is really a nice way to go, too. Remember, these are called “Beach Chill” for a reason – who doesn’t want to feel like they’re chilling at the beach, calm, happy, enjoying life … still able to be productive with exercise, a tiny bit of work maybe? Get your day moving in the right direction and then go get it done, with relaxation, curiosity, motivation and joy.

Microdosing. Say it again, for those in the back with the bongs! Trust me: It’s the way to go.

The euphoric feeling I felt with these was a nice little wave. The word I put in my notes on the first day was I felt a “glimmer” – there was something happening, but it was kind of off in the distance. I didn’t feel cloudy-headed or anything like that.

As the day moved on I thought the head went away fairly quickly, but a bit of a body effect remained. I think this is the entourage effect at work, kind of keeping the effect going and giving your endocannabinoid system more cannabinoids to play with. Remember, you’re getting 2.5mg Delta 9 THC, but there’s also a full dose of 25mg CBD.

I was really pleased with these gummies – I am always a satisfied user of Joy Organics products.

Joy Organic Beach Chill 2.5mg or Beach Buzz 5mg?

I called the Budder Beach Buzz 5mg version my favorite gummies of all-time and while that’s still true, I think for a lot of people, Beach Chill would be the smarter choice.

What should be the differentiating factors to decide between the two? I would say there are two: your cannabis experience level, and your desired effect. If you’re an inexperienced user, choose the lesser 2.5mg THC version. For a complete THC beginner, I think even cutting one of these in half to a 1.25mg dose would be perfect just to see what happens and test where you meet your desired effect in a really easy, trustworthy way.

On the other hand, if you’re a somewhat experienced THC user, you might opt for the 5mg gummy – and after a few days trying that single dose, you might even be comfortable taking two. If you’re headed to Hawaii on vacation, sure, pack these in your suitcase and be ready for some great fun.

Joy Organics: THC You Can Trust

Just a couple more things I want to mention about these hemp-derived THC gummies from Joy Organics.

One, Joy Organics is absolutely the industry leader in safe, natural Delta 9 THC extraction. Users need to be aware of the difference in products containing synthetically derived Delta 9 (or Delta 8) THC and products containing naturally hemp-produced Delta 9 THC. Joy Organics has invested in processes to naturally extract Delta 9 THC that almost no one else in this industry is using. Most of the products you will run into – by far – are synthetically deriving their THC through chemical conversions of the hemp CBD molecule. But Joy Organics, being the leaders in natural wellness that they are, have spent the money to bring you the best Delta 9 THC you can get.

Secondly, I want to note a great thing about Joy Organics gummies: in my experience, these always give the exact dose you are signing up for and expecting. In using a vast array of edibles, I have often found it hard to get the right dose – ensure I feel something and not run into the dreaded “zero effect” dose. You know, you think it’s gonna do something, and it … just doesn’t? Which often causes you to want to eat the whole bar or drink the whole bottle of tincture…which is a bad path to be on.

I really enjoy being able to ingest an exact dose, being able to count on it, and not having to ‘chase’ any effect. Joy Organics gets that right every time – and again, thanks also to the 25mg of CBD in there which is definitely helping with the overall entourage effect.

Joy Organics Beach Chill 2.5mg Gummies: Highly Recommended for Chill Time

Overall, these Beach Chill 2.5mg Delta 9 THC gummies are highly recommended by Soulful Cannabis. There is so much to like about Beach Chill and its entourage effect-enhanced microdose of THC that you’ll actually feel. Definitely worth your money, your time, and your try. Use our coupon SOULFUL at checkout to save 20% on these or other Joy Organics’ gummies. We definitely recommend these for an enjoyable day at the beach or at your desk. Keep your head clear but refreshed and stay soulful!

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