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Unwind Synergy+ gummies live up to the label "all natural." They're juicy and sweet and pack a perfect natural-THC buzz. Worth the hype!

CBDistillery finally sent me these gummies to try. I have been waiting for them a long time! I was like a kid on Christmas when these showed up.

Why so excited? Let me tell you why…

Because these hemp-derived CBD + THC gummies have an awesome little icon on the side, as you can see in the image below – which means only *Non-Synthetic THC* is in these yummy gummies! This is a HUGE deal to me!

Non-Synthetic THC in Unwind Synergy+ Gummies

Check out the lower-right icon: Non-Synthetic THC! So great!

All-Natural CBDistillery Unwind Synergy+ THC & CBD Gummies

It’s huge that CBDistillery’s gummies are 100% non-synthetic.

It might surprise you to know that in the hemp-derived world of Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC, most of this THC is actually created in the lab, by chemically altering the CBD molecule extracted from hemp. This chemical manipulation typically involves harsh solvent chemical processes which may leave behind unknown, potentially dangerous byproducts. Very few products on the market are using non-synthetic THC.

But CBDistillery is!

I love the fact that they have printed this fact on the side of their Unwind Synergy+ gummy jar label. I can’t think of a better determining factor on what product to choose, than synthetic vs non-synthetic THC. The very few companies that are producing their gummies in this manner need to shout it from the rooftops, in my opinion!

Beyond being filled with the best available THC, they also pack 25mg of CBD to encourage the synergistic “entourage effect” toward your overall well-being.

And something tells me, the rest of these ingredients are a cut above, too. I’m not a vegan, but these well-chosen ingredients like “organic tapioca syrup, pectin, vegetable juice… and natural terpenes” set up quite a feast for the senses.

The smell of these was sooo enticing to me just opening the jar. If you get some for yourself, make sure you breathe in deeply as you open them up! A natural delight – no synthetics, for sure.

The Taste & Experience of Unwind Synergy+ Gummies

The smell of these was nicely matched by a great mouthfeel on these. The chew is soft and juicy, like the best bubble gum, but quickly dissolving away to nothing. They are coated in sugar in a not-overpowering but helpful way. The flavor does have a terpene tang to it – which eating cannabis should! – but the berry flavor definitely balanced it well.

Unwind Synergy+ Gummies THC by CBDistillery

As sweet as they look!

I think that juicy, dissolving texture makes these feel really pop-able … but better to wait a couple hours and see how that first five 5mg hits.

The experience of this THC was wonderful. Thanks, I expect, to the CBD:THC 5:1 ratio here, I felt it was a very level-headed buzz. I was still able to be productive in my work and around the house after one of these in the morning. And one of these in the afternoon…

And these are great in the evening, too. The evening take definitely mellowed me out for bedtime and some nice big Zzzs. CBDistillery makes a version of the Unwind Synergy Gummy that is even more focused as a sleep aid by adding 5mg CBN to the mix – I’ll be reviewing those soon, as well. Affiliate disclosure: If you make a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we may earn a commission.

Just too pop-able and irresistible, CBDistillery! But I know the real reason I feel that way is because I trust the product so much.

Price and Other Thoughts on Unwind Synergy+ Gummies

If there’s one negative to attach to these Unwind Synergy+ gummies, it’s probably the price point. $60/jar, with 30 gummies in each jar, is not at all outlandish for the quality of product here…but it’s still a pretty high price point for the average consumer. Call it a case of “you get what you pay for” – if you want the top-shelf hemp-derived THC gummy delivered straight to your door…well, this is definitely that!

I want to highlight the CBDistillery company too. As a long-standing leader and product innovator in the hemp-derived industry, CBDistillery knows few rivals. This is the only company I’m aware of that leads their marketing by featuring their “Expert Botanist,” cofounder Andy Papilion. Wonderful to hear from a botanist on what should be a plant-first product.

Andy’s favorite CBDistillery product, by the way? It’s these Unwind Synergy+ gummies! He’s impressed with his own work as he should be, and says,

My favorite product, hands down, is the Unwind Synergy+ gummies. Having tried a large variety of different edibles, I can truly say these are the best I’ve ever had. Its flavor and effect are like no other. The 5mg of THC is enhanced by the minor cannabinoids and terpene profile that makes CBDistillery products truly unique. It’s a well-rounded experience that can be enjoyed to help wind down in the evening or when hanging out with friends and family on the weekends.
-Andy Papilion, CBDistillery Cofounder & Expert Botanist

So there you have it from the “chief botanist” – and I have to agree.

If you see these on the shelf next to some no-name brand of Delta 8 in some shop somewhere, do not be fooled! The two products are NOT the same. CBDistillery makes great products and their THC gummy line is a part of that. You can trust that label every time you see it, because it’s a 100% natural, vegan product.

CBDistillery Unwind Synergy+ CBD & THC Gummies: Highly Recommended

My experience with these gummies, in everything from the packaging (awesome label with mind-blowing info), to the juicy chew and taste, to the level-headed, very chill high, was impressive and best-of-class. “All natural” is a term that gets floated around the Delta 8/9 space way too much when it’s not really true. CBDistillery is one of the very few brands that truly lives up to it.

These Unwind Synergy+ CBD & THC gummies are a product to involve in your daily life as a trusted, delicious, and just amazing gummy. CBDistillery operates from a plant-first basis and have a track record of amazing, carefully-created products. Their Delta 9 THC gummies are no different. I love them! They are absolutely highly recommended by Soulful Cannabis for adult enjoyment and well-being. Check them out today!

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