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Galaxy Treats Delta 9 THC gummies won silver at the 2022 High Times Hemp Cup. Big 10mg THC servings are a highly recommended space walk!

Galaxy Treats – next-level branding and packaging. High Times Hemp Cup Winner. I admit, I was intrigued and geeked out to try these Galaxy Treats Moon Babies Lifter Delta 9 THC 10mg gummies.

I gotta say, I was impressed! Great gummies for ‘blast off’ time!

Get to Know Galaxy Treats Delta 9 Gummies

Galaxy Treats are a unique force in the hemp-derived cannabis market. First, let me state it again – these are a 100% Delta 9 THC gummy. While there’s also 10mg CBD in these, the packaging/marketing is NOT doing the “plus” – CBD+THC, CBD+CBN, etc. I find that differentiated marketing approach…adventurous. It’s clear Galaxy Treats are doing their own thing and I like it.

Their branding and logo, featuring a spaceman in his helmet, speak to the experience of “blasting off” on a journey to the outer reaches with the product. And while I know the packaging is not as important as the product inside … I really do appreciate that these jars aren’t the same ol’ big, flat, boring gummy jars that sometimes make you think Vicks Vapo-Rub might be inside. I love the lid of these jars, which feel very childproof and yet have big pinchable tabs on each side. Something about it feels … athletic to me.

Their price point is right on too, currently at just $24.99 for a jar of twenty (20) 10mg gummies. Not out of this “galaxy” at all.

Galaxy Treats is also well-known for their Delta 8 THC 25mg gummies, as well. I will be reviewing those very soon.

But yeah, let’s get to the Moon Babies Delta 9 THC gummies themselves.

Testing Galaxy Treats Delta 9 THC Gummies

Testing of these has been more along the lines of “I’m always excited to take these, gimme one now!” vs. a regular daily dosing schedule. As is my way, I’ve had them with my morning coffee pretty often (always like the extra buzz caffeine brings to the party) but also throughout the day as needed.

Galaxy Treats themselves recommend taking these “1 every six hours or as desired.” Let me say: I desired. Affiliate disclosure: If you make a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we may earn a commission.

With 10mg THC per gummy, I found these to be very potent Delta 9 gummies. The effect kicked in quite quickly with my morning coffee, less than 10 minutes. And even without the coffee, later in the day, I did find these were pretty quick to come on – perhaps due to the entourage effect’s interplay between the THC and CBD inside.

The euphoric feeling of the THC here, I would describe as kind of a mental “fuzzy” feeling. The effect felt centered in the front of my brain, and while productive thought wasn’t impossible, it wasn’t really the thing I wanted to be doing after taking one of these, either. Therefore, I’d say that the product aligns pretty well with the “blast off” marketing push of Galaxy Treats. These are for blast off time with friends, with a party scene. I can imagine my 25 year old self really enjoying balancing one of these out with a night at the pub. I can imagine dancing, drinking, a special someone…all lit up by a visit to the Galaxy.

The taste and chew of these might be my one area of criticism for the Galaxy Treats. The chew is neither gummy nor spongy, but kind of half and half – like sinking teeth into clay. I think I’d like a more earnest chew. The taste profile is also not my favorite – devoid of terpene and cannabis flavor, but still a bit synthetically bitter, like medicine. The “Berry Melon” fruit flavor is nice, but doesn’t really cover that bitterness or the odd chew. Maybe a bit more confectioner’s sugar around the edges, it was a bit lacking here and could have helped both flavor and chew. But these are minor complaints really, and didn’t stop me from loving these at all.

I want to highlight again the High Times Hemp Cup win for these in 2022, too. In the “Edibles: Gummies” division, Galaxy Treats Delta 9 THC gummies took a second place silver medal. Awesome! It just shows that these are high quality, high enjoyment treats – and my experience attests to that as well.

Deep Considerations for Galaxy Treats Delta 9 Gummies

There are a few other points I want to make about Galaxy Treats gummies. The first is to again discuss the lack of a “+CBD” on this product. The 1:1 THC/CBD ratio can be a powerful one, so I want to make sure we understand there’s 10mg CBD in these as well. I do wish they put that on the front of the label, not just the back. Knowledge is power.

Let’s also discuss one of my favorite subjects – extraction – a bit. The Galaxy Treats website lists “Extraction: Hemp-Derived.” Well, duh. Most Delta 9 in the hemp-derived THC market is synthesized from the CBD molecule, and with the flavor of these being decidedly non-cannabis-tasting, I think it’s safe to assume the Delta 9 THC in these is synthesized from CBD as well. That’s the info I want you to list, Galaxy Treats! Each package of Galaxy Treats has a QR code linking to the latest lab reports right on the label though, so the company is doing what it should, at an ISO-accredited lab. For me non-synthesized Delta 9 THC is preferable to the synthetic version, but it’s not a deal breaker. Just more “Knowledge is power.”

Circling back also to the potency of these treats – at times, I almost felt these were a bit too strong. That’s another personal preference thing, and as I’m generally more of a microdoser than a bong ripper, the 10mg size may be perfect for those looking for a big hit of Delta 9 THC. However, for me, I think 5mg may be the better dose … so cutting these in half might be a smart play for myself and some others. If you think about it, that sounds pretty great – 40 full doses of THC in this cute jar, for only $25? Sounds like a steal.

Galaxy Treats Lifter Delta 9 THC 10mg Gummies: Highly Recommended to BLAST OFF!

Go ahead and BLAST OFF! That’s my final recommendation for this product. They are fun, they are cool, and they give a great feeling that any THC lover will enjoy. At a great price point for a large 10mg THC serving, they provide bang for your buck too – something I can never ignore.

Try these Galaxy Treats Delta 9 THC gummies for yourself and enjoy! Make your order and I guarantee you’ll be waiting for the mailman each day, excited to blast off in your day-to-day life.

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