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Galaxy Treats Delta 8 THC gummies are a fun and well-dosed way to blast off on a D8 mind adventure.

A week ago I posted a review of Galaxy Treats 10mg Delta 9 THC “Moon Babies” gummies. I enjoyed those. Now I’ve spent the last week testing their 25mg Delta 8 THC gummy variety.

Another review, another great result!

Galaxy Treats Delta 8 Gummies – First Impressions

Delta 8. I have a somewhat conflicted relationship with it. On one hand … I think I’d rather have Delta 9. On the other hand … D8 is pretty good!

There was a lot to intrigue me with these Galaxy Treats Delta 8 gummies. I really enjoyed their D9 variety, so these were worth a try too. Affiliate disclosure: If you make a purchase after clicking a link on our website, we may earn a commission. I noticed the current price point on the Galaxy Treats website – beyond value priced at $19.99 for 20 gummies, nice!

The “starberry” flavor sounded good to me too, as Starberry is one of my favorite Indica flower strains. And sure enough, not long after I popped the starberry-flavored Moon Baby into my mouth, I felt pretty starry indeed.

The Galaxy Treats Delta 8 THC Effect

So what was that starry feeling like?

People call Delta 8 THC “weed light” sometimes – but I don’t know why, they always double or triple the THC dose in these gummies to make up the difference! So it is with these Galaxy Treats Delta 8 Moon Babies, which pack a 25mg dose of Delta 8. That’s definitely not a huge dose of Delta 8 compared to lots of gummies out there in the marketplace…but I think it’s plenty.

I felt very faded by these gummies! I was chilled out and kinda walking the line of that “couch lock” feeling. There’s a pleasant body high at work here, but there was a psychoactive aspect to it too. I definitely wasn’t getting any work done while I was taking these…but I felt creative and mentally energized.

The Delta 8 25mg dose may be a little heavier than I want it to be here. Just a little … maybe 20 milligrams would be a better level for my system. But then again, a lot of readers probably want a bit more of a reaction than I do, so perhaps 25mg Delta 8 THC is perfect for these and “blast off” time.

Galaxy Treats Moon Babies: Delta 9 vs. Delta 8 THC Varieties

So, one question I wanted to answer here: which would be my greater recommendation, the Galaxy Treats Moon Babies Delta 9 THC, or the Delta 8 THC?

In a lot of ways, I find the effects very similar. Likely a 10mg dose of Delta 9 THC and a 25mg Delta 8 THC are sized to achieve a pretty similar ‘lifted’ effect. That’s a level of brand consistency that shows some nice attention to detail, and I give kudos to Galaxy Treats for that.

For “blast off” / party time, I think in a large sense these are pretty interchangeable then. Heck, I might even throw my weight behind the Delta 8 THC variety for those purposes. The fade seems a little more real, and begging for some adult beverages alongside…

For daily stress relief or even creative productivity time, though, I’d probably vote for the Delta 9 THC version. The effect of the D9 Moon Babies is just a little calmer and balanced, in my opinion. Maybe it’s the fact that both Delta 9 and regular CBD are inside those gummies, where as the D8 version has no CBD to speak of.

Both have their high points and place in the market – both are worth your consideration. For either one, I recommend starting off with a half-gummy just to see where blast off puts you.

Galaxy Treats Moon Babies Delta 8 THC 10mg Gummies: Recommended

Galaxy Treats offers Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC version Moon Babies. Both are great! These Delta 8 THC 25mg Moon Babies will definitely produce the desired effect, in an affordable and fun product. Enjoy responsibly and blast off!

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