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Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies are full of high-quality ingredients for a good night's sleep. We recommend!

My CBD/THC journey started with the quest to fall asleep and stay asleep. I’ve been struggling with insomnia for as long as I can remember and throwing every product at the problem. Chamomile? Check! Melatonin? Check! Taking a quick cold shower, meditating, reading in the dark, and praying to the sleep gods to finally get some rest? Uh-huh. You get the idea. It wasn’t until I started mixing CBD oil into my routine that I finally kicked a bad cycle.

I’ve always used CBD oil to help me fall asleep, putting under my tongue for about a minute and swallowing it. I’ve tried out a few different products, but even with the highest quality CBD oil, I always feel a little scratch in my throat after. It never bothers me that much, but in this new year, I want to try new methods to get a sound night of sleep. That’s why I’m trying CBD Sleep Gummies to find my new go-to CBD products—starting with Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies.

So, What’s Inside Of Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies?

I’m a bit of a label freak, so I always like to know what I’m getting myself into before I start a new product. However, I feel like time and time again, I see ingredient lists longer than Russian Lit, and that’ll dissuade me from taking out my wallet.

I really loved that I knew every single ingredient going into Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies. It has 30mg CBD, 3mg Melatonin, 1mg THC, and 1mg CBN, along with a few other simple ingredients. Joy Organics are notorious for its high-quality products, always deriving Delta 9 TBC from natural processes vs. chemical conversions and keeping their dosages exact. So going in, I knew I could trust these gummies, which already gave me the peace of mind essential to fall asleep. Hey, every little thing counts with the fine art of falling asleep!

The gummy itself was well formulated. It had the right amount of sugar coating, and it wasn’t too chewy. I’m not the biggest fan of the feeling of gummy getting stuck to your teeth, and I didn’t have that experience. The flavor was interesting. It tasted like berry, which I’m always a fan of, but it did have a bit of a cannabis aftertaste. I liked the flavor – glad these taste more like cannabis than candy, for sure!

The gummy size was exactly to be expected – it looked similar to melatonin gummies I had taken in the past.

Joy Organics CBD and THC Gummies: We are big fans!

Everyone here at Soulful Cannabis has had huge success with Joy Organics. Their ingredients are high-quality and simple, and you always (in my experience) get what you expect regarding dosage and effect. They are definitely leaders in the CBD industry in making quality, natural, trustworthy products.

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My Sleep Experience with Joy Organics CBD Sleep Gummies

I took my gummy thirty minutes before bed as recommended, and waited for it to kick in. I was tired from the day by the time I took the gummy, but my problem with sleep isn’t that I’m not tired; my mind can’t stop racing. CBD usually helps slow down daily anxiety, so I was excited to see what these gummies could do. I popped on some New Girl, laid down, and waited for the magic to kick in.

Before the episode was even over, I was feeling especially relaxed. I turned off the TV, got under the covers, and, sure enough, I fell right asleep. And again, this is a huge win for me because the second my head hits the pillow, I’m usually overthinking the process of falling asleep (anyone else??). But nope, straight to bed. And even better, I stayed asleep the whole night! Funny enough, there was an earthquake overnight that all my neighbors allegedly felt, but I was sound asleep.

I’m a light sleeper, and my upstairs neighbors usually wake me up at 6 AM every morning with what sounds like jumping up and down for an hour. Maybe they were quieter this morning, or maybe it was my gummy, but either way, I stayed asleep till 7:30! Again, huge!!

My problem with melatonin is it usually makes me groggy in the morning. But honestly, I woke up feeling pretty refreshed. Amazing what not waking up a hundred times throughout the night can do! I got right into my morning work, which usually takes thirty minutes of “ugh, I want to be back asleep” before I get locked in. Little wins everywhere!

Joy Organics Sleep Gummies – Highly Recommended By Soulful Cannabis

I really enjoyed these gummies. The slightly bitter taste isn’t for everyone, but I didn’t mind the flavor and actually appreciated it. It worked as a sleep gummy should – I took it thirty minutes before bed, felt the relaxation set in, fell asleep, and stayed asleep. I didn’t feel groggy the next morning, which is a common problem with many sleep aids. I’ll definitely be taking these again – they’ve got the Soulful Cannabis stamp of approval! Head over to the Joy Organics website and enjoy a quality night of sleep – I know I did! Save 20% by using coupon code SOULFUL at checkout!

By Mindful Morgan

Hi there! I'm Mindful Morgan. After discovering CBD for my chronic insomnia, I became a big believer in the power of the plant. On my (typical) New Year's quest to get healthier, I'm trying new products to enhance my overall mental and physical well-being. Stress free good times only!

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