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Ahhhh, one of the most asked questions for all Delta-9 users- how long will Delta-9 gummies stay in my system? Whether you’ve got a drug test coming up or are just curious about the science, you’ve come to the right place. As an avid Delta-9 gummy user myself, I’ve gone through a rabbit hole of research, so you don’t have to. Buckle up!

There’s no “clear cut” scientific answer to how long Delta-9 THC stays in your system, as there are a lot of complicating factors, such as your metabolism, dose, usage, etc., as to whether or not Delta-9 will be picked up. But, lucky for you, we’re going through all Delta-9 detection scenarios so that you can take your gummies in peace.

What Is Delta-9 THC Anyway?

Delta-9 is short for Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol, one of the many active compounds found in cannabis plants. This particular compound is responsible for the psychoactive effects commonly associated with cannabis use. So, in other words, when people talk about feeling “high” after consuming cannabis, they’re likely referring to the effects of Delta-9 THC. Even though the euphoric sensations of Delta-9 last 3 to 5 hours for the average user, Delta-9 stays in your body longer than you may realize.
Thanks to the Farm Bill in 2018, as long Delta-9 is derived from hemp that’s less than 0.3% by weight, Delta-9 is legal. However, this amount will still flag on a drug test, which is why you want to be 100% sure.

So, let’s dig into some mitigating factors on how long Delta-9 will stay in your system.

Factors to Consider

Before diving into how long Delta-9 will be detected in different bodily forms, it’s important to go through some factors that might affect your body’s reaction.

How Frequently You Consume Delta-9 THC

It may seem pretty obvious, but how often you use Delta-9 THC will affect how long Delta-9 stays in your body. If you use Delta-9 once or twice, chances are, it’s going to flush from your system quicker. However, if you are a habitual Delta-9 user, it will likely be detected in your body for a little longer. Therefore, when looking at the different time ranges Delta-9 THC stays in your body, pay attention to the range and judge accordingly.
Likewise, pay attention to the amount of Delta-9 in your gummies. If the concentration of Delta-9 is higher in your products, it will be in your system longer.

What Classifies as “Habitual” Use?

Great question. As a rule of thumb, moderate use is ingesting Delta-9 ~4 times per week, while heavy use is daily, and chronic heavy use is multiple times a day. So, whereas users who take Delta-9 once or twice will likely need less time to leave their system, users who use Delta-9 more often will be on the longer side of the scale.

Age and Genetics

Yep, aging can also affect how long Delta-9 THC stays in your system. As we age, our metabolisms tend to slow down, and it may take longer for Delta-9 to break down. As a result, it will remain in your system longer.

Additionally, your liver plays a significant role in breaking down various compounds, including Delta-9. The liver produces the necessary enzymes to metabolize different substances, so if your body doesn’t make enough, Delta-9 will likely stay in your system longer.

Body Fat Content

THC metabolites get stored in fat tissue. Without getting too deep into the science, this generally means if someone has lower body fat, their body will release Delta-9 at a faster rate, vs. someone with higher body fat will take longer.

Various Types of Tests vs. How Long Delta-9 THC Stays in Your System

There are many ways to detect if Delta-9 is in your system, and each area of your body stores Delta-9 for differing amounts of time. Here are some general guidelines for how long Delta-9 will be detected based on the type of test.

Delta-9 in Blood

Delta-9 usually flushes from your blood relatively quickly. Less frequent users tend to find that Delta-9 is undetectable after 24-48 hours. More frequent users might find that this time increases.

Delta-9 in Urine

Generally speaking, Delta-9 is detected in your body 3-30 days after use. I know this is an extensive range, but you should be able to tell which side of the scale you’re on based on the factors listed above. If you’re worried, it’s probably better to lay off the Delta-9 gummies for 30 days before your urine drug test to be sure or acquire the right paperwork from a doctor.

According to a study by HireRight, 90% of employer drug tests are urine tests.

Delta-9 in Saliva

Saliva tests tend to detect Delta-9 for about 72 hours after use. Different types of saliva tests might garner different responses, but infrequent users should feel safe after 3 days.

Delta-9 in Hair

As you may or may not know, any substance tends to last the longest in your hair. Although it’s unlikely your office wants to test your hair, in any case, Delta-9 THC usually is detected for about 90 days (or 3 months) in your hair.

Delta-9 Gummies vs. Delta-9 THC From “Weed” – Does it Matter?

You might be wondering – will Delta-9 stay in my body longer if it’s THC from weed vs. gummies? The answer? Nope, it doesn’t matter. There are many great varietals of Delta-9, from gummies, pre-rolls, baked goods, vapes, and more. How long it stays in your body is dependent on how your body works vs. the form you’ve taken Delta-9 in.

Ways to Get Delta-9 THC Out of Your System

Many online products claim to help flush Delta-9 from your body, but these tend to be unreliable. The only way to get THC out of your body is naturally. The best advice I can give is to drink a ton of water and limit your use if you suspect you might have a drug test coming up.


If you’re looking for a buzz but aren’t interested in alcohol, Delta-9 gummies can be a great way of achieving that sense of euphoria. Some people may be cautious about Delta-9 appearing on a drug test; however, if you follow these general guidelines, you should be good to go!

Inspired to try some new Delta-9 gummies? We’ve linked some of our favorite Delta-9 gummies here. Enjoy the buzz!

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