Language matters.   In areas where there are deep-grooved stories of danger, mis-trust and trouble, our language often reflects that.  

At Soulful Cannabis, we are seeking to promote a re-imagining of how the world thinks about cannabis.   How we think about something follows from how we talk about something. 

Pot, weed, dope, ganja and marijuana are all slang terms for cannabis.   Cannabis is the botanical name of the plant.   All of the other names were assigned by street culture and then mis-assigned by law enforcement authorities and government officials seeking to prohibit access to the plant.  Today, the language used around cannabis has been used to perpetuate a propaganda campaign to continue prohibition of the plant.

This plant seems to provide numerous health and wellness benefits to a wide range of people.   Its time that our language changes to properly reflect the truth behind the plant. 

Follow this thread for our Soulful Cannabis Language Matter series.  We’ll be tagging our “Language Matters” blog posts in the category section. 


Help us de-stigmatize cannabis while providing access and holding businesses accountable