Soulful Cannabis Announces Leafwell as Sponsor

Media, PA (September, 2020): Soulful Cannabis is excited to announce Leafwell as a sponsor of Soulful Cannabis.

 Leafwell has joined as a 2020 sponsor of Soulful Cannabis, allowing Soulful Cannabis to pursue its programs of cannabis education, access, and corporate social responsibility (CSR). Leafwell is a telehealth platform focusing on getting people their medical marijuana cards and physician’s medical cannabis certificates/recommendations as simply and easily as possible.

 Leafwell’s CEO Emily Fisher says “At Leafwell, we believe in providing accessible care to every patient and in the medicinal value for cannabis to help treat a wide range of conditions and symptoms. Through research and education, we are committed to helping patients navigate the landscape and furthering our understanding of cannabis as a medicine.”  

 “We are thrilled to have Leafwell as a sponsor and partner,” said co-Founder Skip Shuda.  “We are collaborating on providing easy access to physician recommendations and creating an education series around Cannabis and Hospice.  Because many hospice agencies receive federal dollars, there is a lack of information on how cannabis can be used to help ease patient suffering when dealing with end of life situations. ”

 About Leafwell

 Leafwell is a national telemedicine platform that connects patients to independently licensed physicians in their state. Patients can speak to a doctor online in minutes from the comfort of their home and access the care and medicine they need. Leafwell believes in providing an experience that patients can trust and feel comfortable with. Their telemedicine is available in every medical cannabis market that allows for telemedicine,  and provides a convenient and seamless way for patients to see a physician online and access the care and medicine they need.

About Soulful Cannabis

 Soulful Cannabis is a Pennsylvania-based non-profit (approved by the IRS for 501(C)(3) status) operated by volunteer professionals. We are helping the cannabis industry be the best version of itself through cannabis education, access, and corporate social responsibility. The flagship Soulful Caregivers Program increases access to medicine for patients around Pennsylvania and is serving as a model for other states. Soulful Cannabis is a trusted partner with the PA Department of Health, many local medical cannabis organizations, and cannabis industry leaders in Missouri and other states. A healing plant deserves a healing industry.

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Skip Shuda, Co-Founder

Soulful Cannabis


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