Soulful Cannabis has been busily developing its Soulful Caregivers Program(TM) in Pennsylvania for several months.   The program enrolls volunteer caregivers to assist homebound patients, seniors and those seeking assistance with medical cannabis.   The program provides training, registration reimbursement and a gas card to Soulful Caregivers willing to help those in need without compensation (patients reimburse caregivers for their medicine).

Now, through a generous sponsorship by Ethos Cannabis, the Soulful Caregivers Program is rolling out in New Jersey.

If you’d like to be considered for the Soulful Caregivers Program, please sign up here. 

On October 30, 2019 Soulful Cannabis will be presenting at a table with the South Jersey Women Grow event in Cherry Hill, NJ.    The event will provide an opportunity for the public to learn more about Soulful Cannabis and our upcoming Soulful Caregivers Program in New Jersey.

The medical cannabis program in PA holds promise for so many people in physical distress.   Seniors, cancer patients, home-bound patients and patients worried about how best to use medical cannabis need informed caregivers to assist them.  Soulful Cannabis is working to get those resources to the right people.“, said Skip Shuda, co-founder and Executive Director of Soulful Cannabis.   

The October 30 event is just the kickoff for the Soulful Caregivers Program in New Jersey.   It is expected that this program will use many of the same elements being developed for the PA Soulful Caregivers Program with signup instructions customized for New Jersey. 

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By Soulful Steve

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