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For nearly two years, we have been providing volunteer caregiving services to the community. During this time we’ve helped numerous cancer and hospice patients, patients who are immuno-compromised and those with severe anxiety and PTSD. See our overview of PA Caregiving Past and Present from fall of 2020.

The time has come to ask the dispensaries in our PA Medical Marijuana program to step up and support a broader rollout of caregiving services across the state. A few dispensaries have already taken this step and are providing caregiving services to their communities. This service from dispensaries is rare – and it should not be.

We are providing a Conscious Cannabis Caregiving training for dispensaries ready to embrace caregiving. Any participating dispensaries will be recognized for their participation in the program – and will be guided on best practices for building their practice and will have the ability to train their employees to provide caregiving service to the public.

We are also piloting a Managed Caregiver Service, whereby Soulful Cannabis Caregivers are provided to the dispensary, removing the burden of managing caregivers from the dispensary, while allowing them to support this important service through their dispensary.

Dispensary Managers that are interested in discussing these options should contact us to set up a conversation.

Contact Us to Setup a Conversation about Dispensary-led Caregiving

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