Soulful Cannabis™ launches the Soulful Caregiver Program; Improving Medical Marijuana Access for Homebound Patients

 MEDIA, PA —  Pennsylvania non-profit organization Soulful Cannabis has launched its Soulful Caregiver program, with medical cannabis training and education and a certification program for patient caregivers, after completing a successful pilot program in PA.  This program provides free training to prospective caregivers in the PA Medical Marijuana program.   Caregiving services are provided free of charge to homebound patients, cancer patients and people seeking guidance in navigating the wide product options available to patients in the PA medical cannabis market.  

 Julia Kline, RN and co-founder of Soulful Cannabis states, “The goal is to provide best-in-class education, guidance and financial support to potential caregivers so they can safely and effectively obtain and deliver this medicine to patients.   Many of our program patients would not have access without a caregiver. “ As long as sponsor funds are available, the program reimburses Soulful Caregivers for their registration fee and background check.  They also provide a $50 gas card to caregivers who are traveling to help patients.

 “A healing plant deserves a healing industry.”, said co-founder Skip Shuda.  “Soulful Cannabis is working hard to improve patient access to this important medicine through our Soulful Caregivers Program.”   As a pilot program, Soulful Cannabis has reimbursed registration fees for several caregivers and patients in PA, and is in the process of expanding their patient-centered programs to other states with medical cannabis and caregiver programs.

 “Early program sponsors allowed us to develop the curriculum and test out the program.”, says Shuda.   The 2019 Soulful Caregivers Program Sponsors include Vireo, Keystone Canna Remedies, Herbology and Ethos Cannabis.

People interested in becoming Soulful Caregivers can sign up here:

Patients seeking a Soulful Caregiver should send an email to info:

Media or Sponsors can Contact:

Skip Shuda –, (610) 662-6158

I broke my leg and had no way to get to the dispensary. My prayers were answered when I was assigned a caregiver from Soulful Cannabis who was always there for me. He was able to buy for me what I needed. Now, I am an ardent supporter and will pass the caregiver support I received forward. Thank you.


I heard about medical marijuana but didn’t know how it would be useful to me while dealing with plasma myeloma (bone cancer). A family member mentioned a non-profit that he heard would be helpful in explaining the products available. Skip came over to my home and advised me of the benefits of the tinctures. They would help me cut down on some of the pain medication I was taking 24/7 and help stimulate my appetite. Skip established a formula for my needs. The tinctures enabled me to cut down on my pain medication and slowly my appetite cane back. I’m still working on gaining weight but I’m feeling much better than I did months ago.
Thanks Skip and Soulful Cannabis.


I am writing to let you know about your Soulful Cannabis representative, Julia Kline, who was recommended to me by the Office of Medical Marijuana in Harrisburg, Pa. to help me to get Much Needed medical marijuana for my Stepmother. I telephoned Harrisburg today to report my great experience dealing with Julia. I am also writing to you myself to let you know how grateful I am to Julia for her patience, guidance and consideration and speed. She is knowledgeable, helpful, kind and most professional and caring. Thank you Julia and Soulful Cannabis!


I am very grateful that a marijuana caregiver offered to help me. I work 2 jobs plus take care of my husband who is on hospice. Every minute of my day is important. Waunita makes my life a little easier by meeting me during my work day. It doesn’t take away my time with my husband. I’m very thankful for her.


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