Media, PA (December, 2020): Soulful Cannabis is excited to announce Standard Farms as a sponsor of Soulful Cannabis.

Standard Farms LLC (“Standard Farms”), an approved Pennsylvania Grower-Processor in the Medical Marijuana Program, has joined as a 2020 sponsor of Soulful Cannabis, allowing Soulful Cannabis to pursue its programs of cannabis education, patient access and corporate social responsibility (CSR).      Standard Farms and Soulful Cannabis are collaborating on “patient to industry” conversations, seeking to remove barriers and open dialogue between patient groups and the cultivators and manufacturers of the products they use.

Standard Farms is looking forward to working with Soulful Cannabis and assisting them in educating both patients and advocates within the Pennsylvania market. Since our inception in 2014, one of our goals was and still is to remove all stigmas surrounding this plant and shed light on the therapeutic benefits of marijuana.

“We are excited to work with Standard Farms as a sponsor and partner,” said co-Founder Skip Shuda.  “We expect to bring different patient advocacy groups together with the cultivators and extraction specialists to improve the responsiveness of growers to the needs of different patient communities.   This effort with Standard Farms will be a ground-breaking example for other growers on how they can better engage the patients they serve.”

About Standard Farms

We believe in a little plant full of potential. That’s why we started producing the highest quality medical marijuana products with one thing in mind: our patients! It’s our mission to be the standard bearer for natural quality, expertly grown, modern medical marijuana. Combining cutting edge science and cultivation, we’re changing the way people understand and use marijuana as part of a healthy lifestyle. At Standard Farms we believe in a little plant full of potential – potential to heal, potential for innovation, and potential to enjoy life.

That’s why everything we do is Grown Modern.

About Soulful Cannabis:

 Soulful Cannabis is a Pennsylvania-based non-profit (approved by the IRS for 501(C)(3) status) operated by volunteer professionals. We are helping the cannabis industry be the best version of itself through cannabis education, access, and corporate social responsibility. The flagship Soulful Caregivers Program increases access to medicine for patients around Pennsylvania and is serving as a model for other states. Soulful Cannabis is a trusted partner with the PA Department of Health, many local medical cannabis organizations, and cannabis industry leaders in Missouri and other states. A healing plant deserves a healing industry.

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