Just what does it mean to “help the cannabis industry be the best version of itself”?

Soulful Cannabis is meant to be a resource to anyone working in or around the cannabis industry.   Although we are “thinking globally”,  we are “acting locally” and since our roots are in PA, just outside of Philadelphia, that’s where we’re starting. 

At Soulful Cannabis, we believe that the most important stakeholder is the patient.

After the patient, other key stakeholders include those who serve the patient’s needs: the prescribing physicians, caregivers, the dispensaries that stock the medical cannabis, and the grower-processors who grow and distribute medical cannabis products. The State of Pennsylvania and the Department of Health’s Medical Marijuana Office also play a huge role. Additionally, local towns and boroughs across the state are wrestling with this new business model in their midst.

In essence,  everyone living in PA is a stakeholder in this newly emerging medical cannabis marketplace.   Communities where medical cannabis is sold and grown will be affected by this emerging marketplace.  

Soulful Cannabis was established to help this emerging industry become the best version of itself.   We have spent time pondering this important question.

We know that this new industry is bringing many helpful and positive benefits to many sick patients in-need.   But building a dispensary, cultivation (grower) or processing business in the cannabis industry is very risky and quite expensive.   Owner-operators are under tremendous pressure to become profitable as hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars flow into opening and running a new cannabis business.

So a natural tension emerges between dollar-oriented decisions (like cutting costs, limiting employee benefits and not investing in education) and patient-centric initiatives (like reduced product costs, quality, free education and a stable workforce).   Other factors like regulations, limitations and artificial boundaries plague the industry as the result of leftover stigma and misconceptions.  

Soulful Cannabis would like to invite you to embark on brainstorming ideas on the question:

“how will the cannabis industry go about becoming the best version of itself?”

Join us in the pursuit of this question by joining our Industry Circle (a sub-group at Soulful Cannabis).   It’s free to join – and you’ll receive updates about upcoming events, videos and blog posts working on this important question. 

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By Soulful Steve

I’m Soulful Steve.  I'm a writer, IT professional, and daily user of cannabis for relief and wellness. Soulful Cannabis is where I share knowledge, product info, and occasional tall tales with those of you out there considered cannabis curious!  Now that I’m getting older, I’m leaning into CBD products to keep my quality of life and take the edge off daily stress. Come explore the amazing cannabis plant with me!