In our home state of Pennsylvania, we are watching for the leaders who are stepping up in the cannabis industry.    Since the program was signed into law in 2016 by Governor Tom Wolf, the state has awarded the first 25 Grower-Processor permits and 50 Dispensary permits.   With recent additions to the program, the Philadelphia Inquirer lamented, “Big Marijuana tightens grip, receives most new Pa. dispensary permits.”   Of course, big is not necessarily bad.

As the 2018 season of giving is in full swing, its worth exploring which marijuana businesses in the area are working to help others, provide a hand up and morally supporting the community.

Some note-worthy examples are showing up:

Example #1: We find a local dispensary, Terra Vida Holistic Centers, whose team spent a good part of Christmas Day working to feed the homeless in Camden, NJ.

Example #2: Earlier this year, after the tragic and senseless synagogue shooting at the Tree of Life Synagogue in Pittsburgh, four PA cannabis companies banded together to provide a common statement on the tragedy.   Here is the joint statement from Cresco Yeltrah, Terra Vida Holistic Centers, Solevo Wellness and Terrapin Pennsylvania.   

“On behalf of Pennsylvania cannabis businesses, we offer our hearts in solidarity with the friends and families impacted by the attack on the Tree of Life Congregation. 
Now is the time for unity; for our community to speak with one voice denouncing senseless acts of violence against peaceful citizens. Businesses play a role in leading a community and ultimately in leading a nation. As the shock and awe of this horrific nightmare settles in, we must not lose sight of what makes us who we are as a community of friends and neighbors. 
We must stand against anti-Semitism and hate crimes in all circumstances. The horror in Squirrel Hill offers an opportunity to come together to highlight our principles as a welcoming community that denounces hate-driven terror. We agree that there’s no place for hate.” 

We thank these companies for taking a moral leadership position in our emerging industry.

We know there are many other examples of cannabis companies doing good and sharing the opportunity this new industry provides.    If you have others we should be profiling, please leave us a comment highlighting your favorite cannabis company that is stepping up.

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By Soulful Steve

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