Make payment arrangements prior to visiting the dispensary will ensure a smooth transaction between the patient and the dispensary. The caregiver is just go-between for the patient and the dispensary.

Soulful Cannabis recommends all caregivers to follow these steps regarding payment:

  • Agree on what you will purchase
  • Collect cash upfront
  • Return the patient’s change along with the product
  • Review the receipt with the patient 

Hot Tip: Take a photograph of the receipt with your phone to retain a copy for your records, just in case.

Agreeing to payment terms is an important step and caregivers should not be gloss over this step in the process. We recommend the following agreements written in a small notebook upfront.

Knowing what your patient has for their cannabis budget is important. It’s also important to account for any ATM fees you may need to negotiate upfront. It’s highly recommended that you work out arrangements that do not require using an ATM on behalf of the patient. Most dispensaries have online menus that will allow you to price out the products the patient will need ahead of time.

After you establish the price of the patient’s products, write down exactly which products the patient wants. Also discuss a backup plan or acceptable substitutes in case the dispensary doesn’t have that exact product. Make sure to discuss the price of each substitute, leave no room for surprises.

The cost of a patient’s medication is the responsibility of the patient. As a caregiver, it’s up to you to decide how you want to receive funds from the patient.

We recommend the patient provide cash for their products at the time you meet with them. Cash apps like Venmo are also an option. If the patient does not have the cash on hand at the time and you must visit the ATM, make sure to account for any fees.