Soulful cannabis started training caregivers because there’s a lack of solid education available to them.  We wanted to make sure this training would fill some of those gaps. However, even after training is over, it may be difficult to remember all the details. To help you, Soulful Cannabis created a “Resource” section of our website. There are three easy ways to access these resources on the fly. In the header navigation of the website, you will see a link to “Resources” which takes you to a page listing all our online resources. Adding a bookmark for “Resources” on the mobile device you use the most will make these resources accessible at the moment of need. This is especially helpful if you find yourself doing a lot of patient education.  You can use the voice search feature on your mobile devices to locate a resource. Soulful Cannabis performed some search engine optimization work on our resources to make sure they are at the top search results. Just say, “Soulful Cannabis” and then a keyword you remember. For example:

  • “soulful cannabis faq”
  • “soulful cannabis products”
  • “soulful cannabis concentrates”