The central role of a Soulful Cannabis caregiver is to be a bridge for patients with access barriers to their dispensaries. Caregivers meet with patients, understand their health and wellness needs, and develop a process for selecting products at the dispensary. This last step can be a challenge because there are so many product options. This course will prepare you to help your patients select the right product for them.

  • Discover and understand your patient’s health and wellness by active listening
  • Help your patient with their cannabis gear and educate them on responsible consumption
  • Establish a game plan for your visit to the dispensary
  • Navigate social situations with advice on etiquette in the 21st Century

Caregivers wishing to work with Soulful Cannabis will need to complete a quiz at the end of this training. The minimum passing score is 80%.

You must pass the quiz in order to become a member of the Soulful Caregivers Program.   We will be in contact after you complete the assessment regarding your results and next steps. 

To help aspiring caregivers pass this exam on the first try we have the following advice; take notes on the bold and emphasized text, these are the answers to specific test questions

This course is best experienced on a computer desktop or tablet.  Mobile access may not be fully supported.

Soulful Cannabis reserves the right to restrict entry into the Soulful Caregivers Program at its sole discretion.   We may have a limited number of sponsored positions for reimbursement.   Please check with Soulful Cannabis directly if you have questions.