Sorry! Our Request a Caregiver Service has been Paused


Dear Pennsylvania patients.  We have provided volunteer caregiving services for nearly two years.  Our caregivers donate their time and experience without pay for dozens of patients.   The time has come for dispensaries to pick up the caregiving load for patients. 

 Some already have!  As we learn more about the functional dispensary caregiver programs available, we’ll post them here. 

 We talk more about this issue in our recent blog post about caregiver services in 2021


We are seeking dispensaries to work with on building new caregiver programs.

We’d love to share our experience of building and running a caregiver program through training.  We are also seeking a dispensary partner to build a Soulful Cannabis-run caregiving service for your dispensary!  

Our deepest gratitude to our 2021 Soulful Caregivers Program Sponsors!
We’ll list ’em as they arrive!

Would your company like to sponsor the Soulful Caregivers Program?

Contribute to Soulful Cannabis and direct your funds to help us build a strong caregivers network in PA, NJ and beyond!

Help us de-stigmatize cannabis while providing access and holding businesses accountable