Request a Soulful Cannabis Caregiver

If you are a patient in the PA Medical Marijuana program and would like to request a Soulful Cannabis Caregiver, please fill out the form below. One of our team members will reach out to you shortly to discuss your needs and attempt to match you with a Soulful Cannabis Caregiver.  While we cannot guarantee a match, we will do our best to get you a caregiver who can help you with your medical cannabis needs. 

We currently have Soulful Caregivers in the following zip codes (and we’re adding them all the time):









 Note that this information may be out of date.  Also, our caregivers are often willing to travel beyond their home zip code.  Please inquire about your location using the form below to see if we can support you.  

The Soulful Caregivers Program is free to registered patients in the PA Medical Marijuana program.   We are sponsored by industry members who care about getting medicine to patients.    In 2020, our corporate sponsors include:

    • Restore Integrative Wellness Centers
    • Ilera Healthcare

If you would like to sponsor the 2020 Soulful Caregivers Program, please contact us about sponsorship. 

NOTE: The program is currently operational in PA and is being expanded to NJ and MO.   Your zip code will help us provide you with the proper information for your region.

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