There are multiple types of cannabis gear. Historically, the most common mode of cannabis consumption is smoking it with a glass pipe or rolling papers. Since 2010, a broad array of new ways to consume cannabis have emerged.

This video by Engadget provides a good cross-section of some of the new technology available for cannabis consumption. Even though this video features specific brands and products, this should not be construed as an endorsement from Soulful Cannabis of any of the brands or product features in these videos.

Soulful Cannabis encourages you to research your options and be fully engaged and mindful of the cannabis products and modes of consumption available on the market today.

Flower vaporizers come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and form factors. The best benefit of vaporizers is that they allow a patient to consume cannabis without burning it. For patients who wish to keep their cannabis use as natural as possible, this is their best option.


Ranging from $120 – $500 and more, vaporizers are something to conduct a great deal of research prior to purchase. When possible, purchase directly from the manufacturer rather than a local store as the manufacturer will typically offer better customer service.

Flower vaporizers can be pricey, but they are worth the investment. Not only are they better for your respiratory health, but many patients report a reduction in the quantity of cannabis required to deliver the desired results.

After flower, cartridges are the single most popular option for cannabis consumption. Discreet, portable, and virtually without smell, vape cartridges are an excellent option for a wide range of situations where discretion is needed. There are three primary battery-cartridge formats that patients will see on the market

For more detail about the types of concentrates you can find in cartridges, read our resource on the topic.

510 Thread Cartridges

These are the most common format of cartridge available on the market with the widest number of battery options. There is no one single manufacture of cartridges or pen battery. It is common to see pen batteries with corporate branding on them, but this does not mean the pen was manufactured or even sold by that company.

Dart Pod Batteries

The Dart battery is a proprietary battery format that offers patients a sleek and discreet battery. The corresponding cartridge format is called a “Dart pod” but may reference a brand as well (e.g., Terrapods by Terrapin).

Pax Era

The Pax Era is a battery produced by the same makers of the Pax flower vaporizer. Much the same as with the Dart battery, the Pax Era requires a specific cartridge format called a “Pax pod” which will only work with the Pax Era. Despite their similarity in appearance between the Era and the JUUL, their pods are not interchangeable.

“Dab rigs” are a collection of cannabis gear that can take many different shapes and forms, but they are all used to consume loose concentrates like wax, shatter, or crumble (i.e., extracted hashish products).

Dab rigs can be complicated devices involving multiple components. YouTube is an excellent source of information and demonstrations on dab rigs and their use.

For more guidance on purchasing your first dab rig, read Leafly’s guide on the topic.