The Secret Shoppers Program is meant as a service for patients and an accountability tool for dispensaries.  Using a loosely structured checklist,  a Secret Shopper patient can record and share their shopping experience so others can understand availability, technician education, dispensary operations and more.   

Secret Shopper reports will be published for the public to view.   Stay tuned as we determine the best outlet for such reports. 

 Help us keep the PA Cannabis Industry accountable!

Those interested in receiving a Secret Shopper account should watch the video (link below) describing our process and then submit their request to join the program in the form below.  Once we get your request, we’ll give you an account number and we’ll send you the link for recording your dispensary visit experience.   

 Here is an overview of our Secret Shopper script.  The form shown in the video is being replaced by an Internet-connected web form, but the description of the process is the same.

Webinar Topic: Soulful Secret Shopper Program – Launch Meeting
Recorded: Dec 2, 2019 06:58 PM

Meeting Recording:

NOTE: Dispensary Management who would like to discuss a given Secret Shopper report should contact us at .  Please include the date and location of the report. 

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