Our Caregivers Circle has started a program to provide caregivers with reimbursement of their PA registration fee and a gas card. We have developed a training module so caregivers know what to expect. Industry sponsors have been signing up to support this important work (Corporate Sponsorship signup form below).

What is provided:

  • A network of screened/vetted caregivers willing to donate time to patients in need
  • Online training developed by Soulful Cannabis, delivered by webinar to the caregiver community. The training will be free to the public and will cover: The Caregivers Credo, caregiver process/expectations, assessing the needs of a patient, how to help patients, product administration tips, working with senior centers
  • Periodic online Q&A sessions for caregivers
  • Caregiver-only meetups
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Promotion of the PA Caregivers Program
  • Closed forum on Facebook for members of the SCP Circle
  • Caregivers willing to accept a “Caregivers Credo” (under development by Soulful Cannabis Caregivers Circle)

Want to learn more about our Caregivers Program?  

View our recorded Soulful Caregivers Program webinar which provides an overview of the resources, the training process and tips for new caregivers:

After viewing the webinar, if you feel like you want to be part of the program, please sign up below.   We’ll be in touch with the next step!

NOTE: The program is currently operational in PA and is being expanded to NJ and MO.   Your zip code will help us provide you with the proper information for your region.

You can also watch this recording of our “Conversation about Caregiving” with a representative from the Department of Health, a dispensary pharmacist and a recommending physician.  

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